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IV International Special Transport Salon “SpecTransExpo-2022”

IV International Special Transport Salon “SpecTransExpo-2022”
Date and Place:  15 - 17 March, 2021, Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Laishevsky district, Bolshye Kabany village, 1 Vystavochnaya str., Kazan Expo IEC
Organizer:  CJSC "Exhibition Companies Group "BIZON" (Moscow)

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IV International Special Transport Salon “SpecTransExpo -2022” − the first interindustry exhibition of special transport.

The profile of the Salon includes all types of vehicles, equipment and components designed for solving specific industry problems. It consists of the following sections:

Special transport for construction industry:

-         lifts

-         crane-manipulators

-         lorries with a crane manipulator system

-         hook loaders

-         airborne loaders

-         dumpers

-         tow trucks

-         motor concrete mixers

-         crew buses

-         manufactories and laboratories 

-        multi-purpose and heavy class helicopters

Special transport of the fuel and energy complex:

-         oil tankers

-         road tankers

-         railway tank-wagons

-         excavators

-         dumpers

-         tracked transport vehicles

-         mobile electrical laboratories

Special transport for resources industry:

-         large-capacity road trains

-         underground transport and conveying equipment

-         mine rail equipment

-         haul trucks 

-        agricultural aircrafts

Special transport for agricultural industry:

-         harvesting equipment

-         sowing machinery

-         equipment for agricultural work

-         equipment for animal husbandry

-         vehicles for transportation of agricultural products, refrigerators

Special transport for housing services and utilities:

-         road-building machines and mechanisms

-         municipal cleaning equipment

Special transport for emergency and rescue operations:

-         firefighting vehicle

-         rescue vehicles

-         transport for difficult terrain

-        business aviation

-         motorcycles and ATVs

-         engineering vehicles

-         robotics and pilotless equipment

-         special water equipment

-         special aviation equipment

-         firefighting trains

Special medical transport:

-         ambulance cars

-         reanimation cars

-         ambulance helicopters

-         mobile laboratories

-         medical taxi for people with limited mobility and bedridden patients

Special safety and security transport:

-         vehicles for transportation of dangerous goods

-         vehicles for transportation of valuable cargos

-         armoured cars

-         transport for difficult terrain

-         transport for the Far North 

Components and equipment for special transport

-         power plants and drive devices

-         control systems of various actions, sensors of control systems

-         hinged equipment and mechanisms

-         electrical equipment: power transformers, electric engines, start-protective equipment

-         local and satellite communication and navigation means, GPS, GLONASS

-         primary fire extinguishing means

-         fuel and storage tanks

-         repair and service maintenance tools

Work uniform, equipment and individual protection means

-         work clothes and shoes

-         hand protection means

-         respiratory, eyes and face protection means

-         head protection means

-         fall protection means

-         high-visibility vests and signs 


• pneumatic systems and components
• hydraulic systems and components
• controllers
• actuators - systems, units, components
• Automatic Process Control System (APCS) with pneumatic and hydraulic actuators
• measurements and laboratory techniques
• industrial robots and manipulators
• spare parts and equipment 

Special exposition “ELECTROTRANSPORT”

-         passenger transport: electromobiles, electrobuses, trams, trolleybuses

-        mobile electrical devices: electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles, electric scooters, self-balancing scooters and segways

-         hybrid vehicles and engines

-         charging stations and engines for electric transport

-         engines, equipment and components for electric transport

Large automobile factories and corporations which produce all types of automobile, water and air vehicles used for cargo and passenger transportation, as well as performing special industry tasks are invited to participate in the specialized show.

The program of the 4-rd International Special Transport Salon "SpecTransExpo-2022" is formed as a business platform for topical issues of engineering industry development discussion, demonstration of high-tech samples by manufacturing companies and experience exchange with foreign leaders of the automobile industry. The 2-nd International Forum "Mechanical Engineering: Strategies and Technologies" will be held within the framework of the Salon. Representatives of federal and regional authorities responsible for the development of transport infrastructure, heads of corporations and transport manufacturing enterprises, top management of engineering companies, leading personnel of transport hubs and suppliers of equipment for engineering industry are invited to take active part in the Conference. 

IV International Special Transport Salon “SpecTransExpo-2022” will be held at “Kazan Expo” IEC from 15 to 17 March, 2022. 

Directorate of IV International Special Transport Salon “SpecTransExpo-2022”: phone: 7 (495) 937 40 81, e-mail: [email protected]




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